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        中文 EnglishTEL:0510-83120927
        Chick:KCFC2 PDFCombined electric appliance > fuse > KCFC2

        KCFC2movable-type series stationary type AC high-voltage vacuum contactor-fuse combined electric appliance is brand new generation of product developed by the company in response to market demand.Through combination with the high voltage fuse having short-circuit current limiting and the cut-off capacity, we have perfected the usage experience of vacuum contactors and improved the adaptability of the product.The company has summarized users' experience through many years and redesigned the original product, therefore, we have remarkably improved the product both in performance indexes, reliability and easy maintenance.they can be reliably used in capacitive load switching (make-and-break of transformer bank(AC-6a) and the make-and-break of capacitor bank (AC-6b))

        Suitable for AC system in which rated voltage is below 12KV, frequency is 50-60HZ,the rated current is below 200A and furthermore frequent switching and closing operations are needed. it is the ideal electrical appliance specially suitable for frequent operations.

        Ptimized design has been specially carried out in KCFC2 series for capacitive load, various types of indicators have been improved. By reloading corresponding fuse, it can be reliably used in switching of capacitive load (make-and-break of transformers (AC-6a) and the make-and-break of capacitor sets (AC-6b)).

        This series of products are mainly composed of vacuum switch tube, operating mechanism, control electromagnet, power supply module (applicable for AC operational power supply), chassis and other auxiliary parts. The installation mode is horizontal installation

        The secondary mechanism of the conventional product uses electromagnetic operating mechanism, the control electromagnet realizes closing operation through the operational mechanism.However, the opening operations are implemented through opening spring. There is mechanical interlocking mechanism between fuse and contactor, this can reliably guarantee correctness of the actions. We can customize permanent magnetic operating mechanism according to customer's needs.?

        This series of products have good compactness of structure and good insulation property, it also has good maintainability of secondary circuit and it can maintain long term electrical and mechanical life without frequent maintenance.

        It is suitable for KYN series armored centrally installed switchgear with width 800mm.

        Product features:

        By matching the current limiting fuse with high voltage and high breaking capacity, we can provide various kinds of short circuit protection with various loads including motor protection, capacitor bank protection, transformer bank protection and also full range protection. According to the requirements, we can provide fuses with different specifications with voltage rating up to 12KV and current rating from 6.3A to 315A. Products are in full compliance with Chinese National Standard GB/T14808-2001 《AC high-voltage contactors and contactor-based motor starters》

        Main circuit

        ? The vacuum switch tube adopts products of domestic well-known manufacturers. They have matured technology, reliable quality and good market credit.

        ? Contactor and fuse bases adopt unibody frame insulation structure, with good rigidity, high structural stability, high dielectric strength and good foul-resistance。?

        ?Front face frame uses unibody insulation box structure perfectly insulated from secondary circuit and outside。

        Electromagnetic system

        ? Options of permanent magnetic mechanism or traditional electromagnetic mechanism are available.

        ? Built-in large capacity sealed auxiliary switch ,this can greatly improve the reliability of the auxiliary switch and it can be used safely。

        ? It is equipped with fuse auxiliary switch and it can output fusing signals of the fuse。?

        ? It can optimize the movement structure, reduce the coil starting power and holding power, thus it has low temperature rise, long service life and high reliability。

        Movement structure

        ? The spindle uses self-aligning bearings, with flexible support, the load-carrying capability is seizure-free, axial movement is small, thus the movement performance and consistency are improved。

        ? The movement ends use the secondary guiding mechanism to ensure the axial movement coaxiality of conductive pole in the vacuum tube。The reasonable action mechanism,to ensure that improves the performance and reliability of the contactor,in addition, this makes three-phase synchronization and resilience indexes better than the similar products。

        ? It has enhanced the contact pressure of the main contact and improved electrical properties and movement characteristics. The indexes are superior to other similar products。

        ? The mechanical self-containing equipment has a style of its own, with reasonable structure and it is more reliable for use。

        Easy use and maintenance

        ? The control circuit terminals adopt rail mounted large capacity terminals, they are equipped with functional flags to prevent wiring errors。


        Chick:KCFC2 PDF

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        Address:No. 23, A District, Qiancun Industrial Park Area, Wuxi District
        Tel:0510-83120927 Fax:0510-83101862
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